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SRM power meter

The SRM power meter measurement technology is install in the crank spider, the SRM power meter detect the power generated by measuring strips. The SRM power meter is made by hand and therefore a very accurate result, where many athletes attach importance. SRM offer the athletes to customize and calibrate the SRM power meter. The SRM power meter has the ANT+ sport technology and can be connect to almost all bike computers with ANT+ function. The SRM power meter has built-in battery and no replaceable battery. If the operating time (1000-3000 hours) has been over, the SRM power meter has to be send in for maintenance in order to change the battery. SRM power meters are offered in different cycling areas, like triathlon, mountain bike and cyclocross.

SRM bike computer

The SRM bike computers are specially designed, to meet the need of the athlete and are compatible with almost all ANT+ power meters. SRM offer a new GPS function with the bike computer, which records the route and evaluate the training data via Strava. The SRM bike computer include all important information about performance-controlled training. In addition, the display of the SRM bike computer can be manually and freely configured. The battery life of the SRM bike computer is between 10 and 45 hours, but the battery life is affect by using the automatic lighting and other functions, The SRM bike computer has a built-in motion sensor, which automatically turns on and off.

SRM indoor trainer

With the SRM indoor trainer, you can also train comfortably at home and you are independent of weather and road conditions. Thus, the training is not unattended in the winter. So you can always prepare yourself for the next goal. SRM offer with the indoor trainer a steeples adjustment of the seat position and allow the takeover of road and/ or MTB seat position. When you order the SRM indoor trainer, you will get a second Suunto speed transmitter. Also a second cadence magnet for mounting the inner bearing and a second handlebar holder for the SRM bike computer.

SRM trainings system

SRM offer a complete SRM training system. This include the select SRM power meter, a crank, chain rings, a speed sensor and a cadence sensor. For data acquisition, SRM offer the SRM PC8 bike computer with a handlebar holder and a heart rate measuring belt. The SRM train system also provides a software for data collection and data analysis. You will also get an instruction manual German / English. Also a charger 110/220 V and a USB readout cable is also include in your SRM training system.

SRM history

Ulrich Scherer, a medical technician, had previously engaged with researching mobile power meters. But this could not happen during a ride, as we know it today. At that time, the technology did not allow it, but Ulrich recogniz the advantage of the system. The system measure precisely where the performance is. In 1985, he began to develop the first power meter / power measurement system. He register his first patent for his SRM power measurement system. One year later, the engineer Ulrich Schoberer establish the SRM company. The name of the company SRM, stands for Schoberer bike measuring technology.

SRM is today an important part of the bike and power meter industry. The development of cycling has also evolved with the SRM power meter. The company of Ulrich Schoberer is regarded as the father of all power meters. Competitive athletes are using the SRM product, as well the SRM power meter for training and competition. The SRM power meter convince athletes on the road, in the rails way and in the terrain. The SRM company has a suitable solution for nearly every kind of cycling. SRM offer also performance measurement systems for the sail sport, ride sport and even for athletes in wheelchairs. SRM also sells bike computers, ergo meters and indoor training equipment. The software of SRM provides the athlete with the possibility to apply the measure values to the computer. This allow the athlete to analyze the data, this enable them to achieve optimal training control.

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