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It’s time, Favero Electronics is launching a successor (Assioma power meter) of the bePRO power meter on the market! The name of the new pedal power meter is Assioma. It introduces innovations that simplify the performance measurement in everyday life and competition.

Favero Electronics is a leading manufacturer of electronic sports accessories and scoreboards. Because of the bePRO power meter, Favero was also known in cycling. The Assioma power meter will appeal and convince many cyclists.

The bePRO power meter was known for the robustness and measuring accuracy. So Favero Electronics dealt with the criticism and requirements of its customers and revolutionized its pedal power meter.

Technical details

Favero Assioma DUO product picture power meter

At the first look, the Assioma power meter looks very similar to the bePRO power meter, but a lot has changed in the technical field. The Assioma power meter has compact sensors on the sides that include battery, communications and measurement technology. The first advantage of the Assioma power is, that the installation is much easier since you do not need a special tool or mounting stickers. So the Assioma is simply screwed into the crank arm and you are directly “ready to go“.
Favero Assioma Installation - Animation
Furthermore, the Assioma power meter has the status lights on the sensor which give you information about the charging and operating status.
Favero Assioma power meter - status lights
Also, the battery time was increased to 50 hours. With the rechargeable battery you can now recharged it via a new connector, which is placed in position via a magnetic connection. Because of this, there is no more micro-USB port to minimizing the risk of water inlet.
Favero Assioma connector - Animation


The Assioma power meter has the ANT + and Bluetooth Smart connection. So the cyclists can now connect the Assioma via Bluetooth to a bike computer, smartphone or sports watch.
With the ANT + connection, you get your balance (right / left), cadence, torque efficiency and “pedal smothness” (round kick). On the other hand you will get on the Bluetooth Smart connection the balance (right / left) and cadence displayed. In addition you can update the firmware via Bluetooth and enter your crank arm length with the new Favero Assioma app.
Favero Assioma App - Firmware
Now we come to the technical details. The total weight per pedal is approx. 149.5g (with rechargeable battery). For comparison, a pedal of the PowerTap P1 weighs 206g and the Garmin Vector 2 weighs 179g. This makes the Assioma power meter the lightest pedal power meter on the market.
The Assioma power meter is designed for operation between -10 ° C and 60 ° C. The power meter automatically adjusts itself to the temperature. The pedals are limited to a system weight of 125Kg.In addition, Favero brings two models of the Assioma power meter on the market. The Assioma UNO power meter is the one-sided measuring system, which has the sensor installed only on the left pedal. The name of the dual-sided model is Assioma DUO power meter. It has a sensor on the right and left pedal. So it measure the right and left side separately from each other and display the values on the bike computer.In conclusion, all this makes the Assioma a winner. It will help professionals and those who want to become a professional to achieve new goals and celebrate success.
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